Luxembourg Learning Center

Luxembourg Learning Center, Valentiny HVP Architects

One of the major objectives of the university library project was to create, in a rigid volume predefined by the industrial framework elements, an open and welcoming space in the spirit of a Learning Centre. Library users access the building through a new volume, on the side of Place “des Hauts Fourneaux”, which also houses the conference room on the first floor.

Large open space volumes, accessible to the public, more than 100 meters long, are thus presented on five levels, giving the impression of flying plateaus around the ore silo, at the foot of blast furnace B. This silo, kept in good condition, is a reminder of Belval's industrial past, but also of the country's know-how and innovation capacities, which were originally based on the "Möllerei". A new envelope covers the old steel structures, forming with the roof a homogeneous and characteristic ensemble of the “Luxembourg Learning Centre” project.

While the facade panels on the north-east sides, where the reading areas are located, are flat, the hexagonal elements projecting from the west side allow light to be modulated to create natural, indirect and soft lighting for the reading and working areas. Another special feature is the screen-printed glass, which provides a dual function of protection against the sun by reducing heating and glare. The variable intensity of the silkscreen printing gives the building, seen from the outside and from the distance, a marbled effect.