Luhu Cultural Center

Studio Link-Arc, LLC


Luhu Cultural Center

The Luhu Scientific and Technological Culture Area is conceived as a cluster of cultural buildings aimed at leveraging Longhua's role as a technological and innovation center to elevate the quality of public life in the region. A triad of public buildings (a theater, an art center, and a library) totaling 76,890 m² forms the centerpiece of the project, and also includes a science museum and an office complex.

Located in Longhua's Luhu District, the seventy-hectare site is wedged between an industrial area and a nature park fragmented by years of hasty urban development and unrestrained spillways from the nearby Hengkeng reservoir. Instead of approaching infrastructural and ecological challenges as separate from architectural design, Link-Arcs proposal uses the architecture to reorganize the topography and spillways, transforming them into public amenities to create a new type of civic waterfront.

By dividing large program masses into their smallest components, Link-Arc's design extends the landscape over existing and planned roads, serving to restore a continuous natural landscape; increase the green area of the park, and create a seamless transition between building and landscape. The topographic organization of masses generates a series of discrete, interconnected public spaces that cascade downhill and create a continuous loop that gives shape to a new spillway basin. Reimagined as a civic waterfront, the edge of the basin is conceived as a dynamic public space that responds to seasonal changes in the water level.

The project breaks with conventional approaches to designing civic buildings as monumental objects in favor of a more diverse articulation of public spaces. Taken as a whole, the looping waterfront village becomes a new public realm that connects surrounding neighborhoods with the Hengkeng reservoir promenade and also anchors future urban development along the water's edge.

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