Longquan Dayao National Archaeological Park Visitor And Exhibition Center

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Name of client:"Maritime Silk Road" Cultural Heritage Committee
 Completion date:Feb,2019
 Floor area:755m² (south part)1056m²(north part)
 Longquan kiln,which lasted for eight hundred years,is the most representative porcelain kiln system in the history of Chinese ceramics. The Visitor and exhibition Centers, as the only two new public buildings in the national archaeological park, are located in an ancient village surrounded by mountains and rivers. 
 In the South center, we integrate the new building into the texture of the ancient village. We set a continuous wall, which defines the boundary of three individual buildings. The continuous wall appears as an "organizer" in this scheme, connecting the three buildings and five courtyards with different sizes. This division offers each room a strong directional property, which builds a connection between the building and the site. Rammed earth, as a traditional material, is used in the project, which add an additional layer of connection between the projects and the cultural context. 
 In the north center, we adopt the strategy of subdividing terrain and dividing architectural space accordingly. All the interior and exterior spaces are sheltered under an array of long, double-pitched roofs just like the typical archaeological excavation protection shed. In the semi-outdoor space, the original ancient sagger deposits displayed on the slope outside the boxes, while inside the suspended box, it displays historical materials including archaeological excavation diaries and ceramic fragments.

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