Living in the Spinnereipark, Y-Houses

Living in the Spinnereipark, Y-Houses, Behnisch Architekten

On the edge of the Spinnereipark, a seven hectare landscape park next to the old spinning mill in Kolbermoor, Behnisch Architekten designed a residential area comprising an ensemble of nine buildings.

Two of a total of five Y-houses—so called because of their geometric ground plan—were completed in the first construction phase. The apartments have a distinctive character featuring light-flooded interiors, spacious balconies, and magnificent views out into the landscape. The overall concept for the park development envisages two different structural types: the Y-houses and four additional Conradty buildings. While the Y-houses are integrated into the well-developed structure of the park, the Conradty buildings form the backbone to the street and the railway line in the north.

Comprising five-six stories the Y-houses were designed as standalone structures to take full advantage of the park’s qualities and were positioned in a way to preserve the existing trees. Every apartment receives natural light from three sides and offers the maximum possible flexibility. As extensions of the residential spaces, the outward-thrusting balconies feature floor-to-ceiling windows, which create additional, private outdoor areas and allow residents to “live in nature.”

The bedrooms looking north and east make use of indirect light, while the kitchens and studies face south and west to catch the daytime and evening sun. The facades are notable for the light-colored horizontal bands of the projecting balcony parapets, giving the buildings a vibrant “dynamic” appearance. The glazed sections behind them contrast with the closed effect produced by the wooden frontage.

Masterplaning: Stadtplanung Breunig Landscape: liebald + aufermann landschaftsarchitekten Structural engineer: Guggenbichler & Wagenstaller MEP: Wastl Ingenieure GmbH Climate Engineering: Transsolar Energietechnik GmbH Electrical: Elektroplanung Kanz Building physics: PMI GmbH Fire protection: Brandschutz Consulting Natural ventilation parking: iket GmbH

Client: Quest AG and Werndl & Partner GmbH