Living Art Pavilion



The Living Art Pavilion is located in an industrial park of Shajing, Shenzhen. Combing functions of culture and amusement, it is the highlight of the industrial park’s upgrading strategy. The Pavilion faces the expressway in the north, with a row of Terminalia mantaly retained right outside the wall at the north. The walls in this direction were specially designed at different heights, which not only lowered the impact of noises from the north, but also formed a beautiful scenery with the Terminalia mantaly outside. To the south of the building is Office Building No. 2. The pavilion, together with the commercial and artistic spaces on the ground floor, creates a multifunctional space. With profiles and interfaces of different building interacting with each other, a comfortable and pleasant public space for pedestrians were created. The whole building is composed of six unit blocks. The independent furniture store is composed of four unit blocks in the west, while the two unit blocks near the plaza entrance acts as an amusement bar. Prototype of Living Art Pavilion are referring to traditional dwellings elements: sloping roof and courtyard space. The concrete rib beams structure enhanced the aerial perspective effect of the sloping roof, which copied the texture of a pine. Walls and openings are distributed only in the north-south direction of each unit, which created a sense of order and a feeling of depth in the east-west direction. Courtyard space of adjacent units is arranged in the south or north alternatively.

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