Las Salinas

Vina del Mar, Chile / Sasaki


Las Salinas: An Urban and Ecological Transformation

Las Salinas represents a bold new approach to planning and design in Chile, where the transformation of a brownfield site becomes the catalyst for the urban and ecological regeneration of Viña del Mar. 

Our ambition was to rethink development practices in the city, contributing to restore regional ecosystems, re-engaging the community to its seafront and public spaces and regenerating the vitality of Viña. 

A multi-dimensional approach supports the connectivity and regeneration of both natural systems and the greater community. We enhanced the hillside landscape and leveraged the built environment as a rich zone of ecological activity. Trending away from the typically limited selection of species used in streetscapes and urban plazas, the landscape of Las Salinas will incorporate a native and structurally complex planting palette. The restoration of the 19N Ravine provides the blueprint for the careful integration of natural systems in urban development. 

Envisioned as a mixed-use, porous and sustainable neighbourhood, compact city blocks with a fully accessible and vibrant public realm will reduce the city’s reliance on private transportation. New connections through the site engage hillside communities that have been historically cut-off from the coast. At the hilltop, a Community Center connected to a public elevator draws in the Santa Ines residents, while creating a new hub of activity. At the seafront, the Central Park is a civic gesture to the city and is framed by cultural and public uses that promote greater social integration.

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