Klarahus, ERIK arkitekter


Today, cooking is recognized as an art and the meal must be an unforgettable experience that should speak to all our senses. So why is the production of food to our elderly hidden in a clinically white room full of stainless steel and non-slip floors? The goal was to show all citizens that care was taken to make high quality meals for the elderly. At the same time, the original thought was to show that happy employees make high quality meals so the chefs were involved in the project from the beginning in order to ensure the working environment.

That resulted in a building of 250 m2 (+ 250 m2 conversion of existing building) which is connected to the main building by to glass corridors and a core containing storage, fridge and freezer as well as dishes. It was an architectural requirement that the building should be a green element in the garden space and be accommodating to all the residents with its appearance. The green facades of the building appear naturally chilling and is the first facades in Denmark that are a part of a LAR project.

A small building with a strong impact - healing architecture that makes a difference.

// Copenhagen Municipality, Health & Care Administration: Client // ERIK arkitekter: Architecture // Strunge Jensen: Engineering // AB Clausen: Engineering // Anders Jørgensen arkitekter: Site Management