Køge Kyst / Køge Shore

Køge Kyst / Køge Shore, Juul | Frost Architects

The landscape brings the dwellers even closer to the local nature with the view to the flora of the salt meadow, the sound of the sea breeze in the lyme grass, the touch of sand beneath their feet and the hues of the coast line in their courtyard – Here, the residents can literally step from their terraces into the sandbars.

The local context and the spirit of the place is the pointer of the landscape concept: The atmosphere and scenery of the salt meadow and beach have been brought in between the buildings through floras, materials, hues and textures.

The lightness and coincidental placement of plants in the landscape and the softness of the rolling sandbars is contrasted by the tight and graphic pavement and water channels that create lines in the landscape. Three openings to the courtyard do not only invite the public into the courtyard, they also open it towards the waterfront, underpinning the continuation between the yard and the salt meadow.

Through the great view to the meadow and ocean the landscape of the courtyard “borrows” from the greater landscape – The view that can be enjoyed from the sculptural concrete amphi-stairs, that connects the yard to the promenade and invites the public in between the buildings.