Kakogawa Kindergarten

Takenaka Corporation


We aimed to reinterpret spatial quality of a forest in the kindergarten. Our client runs various types of schools from kindergarten to university and they are challenging to make a cultural focal point of the local community by opening their academic environment to the town. We answered them with a porous open air building connected to its surroundings. Rooms are scattered through careful study in interaction with the environment. By blurring edge and combining various colors and materials, the building obtains an ambiguous openness and continuity to the environment. Users are strolling around and enjoying light and wind as if they are in a forest. Children are getting active and develop their curiosity and motivation to learn. Colors play important roles in the architecture from both side; interior and exterior. Each colors characterize living space of children and it raises imageability and attachment to individual places. Also, colors are expressing the lively active atmosphere of the building to the town, and the number of visitors have actually increased after the completion of the project. Each colors in this building are chosen from flowers in their surrounding environment. It reflects the traditional Japanese color palette which are often named after indigenous plants and animals.

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