Jincheng Plaza Transport Hub



The transport hub is discreet and restrained and integrates smoothly with the surroundings, "turning its back" on the giant New Century Global Center. It opens up onto the landscape and the lake to the east, thus capturing the morning light, a decision that played a key role in the selection of the project by the city of Chengdu and the metro operator. On the east bank, three undulating structures rising eight metres above the natural ground level mark the entries to the station, retail outlets and multimedia resource centre. They structure the entire space and open up the interior volumes allowing for daylight to pour into the area while enhancing functional legibility.The large underground infrastructure playfully combines vegetation, lightness and natural light. All the metro platforms are located 20 metres below ground level. The transfer areas, services, commercial, and cultural amenities are located 13 metres below ground level (reference datum). They connect to the city and the gardens through the slight gradient of a slope that offers extensive views of the surrounding landscape. The choice of timber for the structure of the three entrances came naturally and underlines their special architectural form in an environmentally friendly and simple manner. The bracing and the crossed arches are made of glue-laminated pine timber, which ensures the stability and lightness of the smoothly undulating but large-span forms reaching 96 metres. This is China's largest timber span structure. The timber comes from North America. The structure is covered with ETFE.

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