International house Sydney



‘International House’ forms a new public place for Sydney, and a pivotal connection between the newly formed precinct of Barangaroo and the historic heart of Sydney CBD. The building manifestly demonstrates leadership in environmentally sustainable design and fosters good health and wellbeing for the office users of the building through the comprehensive and integral use of structural engineered mass timber construction throughout. The concept for the architecture is underpinned by place-making considerations, including: establishing a pedestrian orientated scale; reinforcement of the urban form of the street and pedestrian networks; the creation of special conditions at corners to enhance pedestrian experience; establishment of an understated aesthetic character as a memorable counterpoint to architecture in the precinct enhancing legibility; and a unique, desirable internal office experience. The feeling of natural warmth of timber has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, and when coupled with improved indoor air quality and beautiful aesthetics delivers a healthy and satisfying working environment within International House Sydney through biophilic design, calling on our human innate connection with nature. Australian hardwood timber has been reclaimed from demolished wharfs and piers from the site and re-used for external cladding to the building, extending its lifecycle by another 100 years. Detailing throughout is direct and refined, with no superfluous items for decoration or unnecessary diversion.

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