Impression Tai Chi Theatre • Chenjiagou, China

Impression Tai Chi Theatre • Chenjiagou, China, Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tsinghua University for Tang Hongjun, Sheng Wenge, Xu Tengfei

Located in Chenjiagou, China, the cradle of Chinese Tai Chi Chuan, the project is an iconic modern public theatre.

The designers aimed to use a light and simple shape, blurred boundaries and open public space to attract visitors and citizens for leisure and various activities. In brief, an integrated venue where people can experience culture and arts is created. Since the existing architectures on its south and north sides respectively have incongruous styles, the theatre is supposed to be in low profile as transition in order to better integrate with them. Therefore, the design transforms architectural structures into the landscape so as to well integrates with landscape.

Concentric circles with inner logic and dynamic curve with flexibility together express an invisible connection with Tai Chi Culture and the site environment, showing its image in simple language. Based on mapping design principle, the façade is made of mirrored stainless steel that sky, cloud, grass can be reflected on the façade, hence better getting involved with the environment.

The annex of base uses rubble concrete as the main material and the interior space is built around the center courtyard, all of which are inspired by the traditional Chinese courtyard. The exterior environment enjoys landscape layout according to the undulating terrain and road network. A “3D park” forms a harmonious relationship between human and architecture in an interesting way. Details of landscape convey the spirit of Tai Chi Theatre by the contrast and combination of stones and plants that feature rustic charm.