IMMERSED IN NATURE - The Taikang Gui-Garden Elderly Care Community Center

SUNLAY for Taikang Healthcare Investment Holdings Co. Ltd.


The Taikang Gui-Garden Elderly Care Community Center is located in the eastern area of Nanning City. The project includes support for independent living, medical care, an activity center and a relatively independent residential area. The design concept of the project originated from the local natural landscape and culture of Guangxi.

By using modern design techniques to reinterpret the landscape of picturesque villages, an ideal natural living environment for the elderly was created. There is a sprawling ecological park in the northeast of the base which offers beautiful landscape views and provides a sense of rustic charm. The activity center, which provides many public functions, faces the ecological park, and the space underneath its curved roof depicts the charm of a karst landform. As one walks along the lengthy corridor of the club, they may take in the scenery of the ecological park, as one would appreciate a landscape painting unfolding slowly. In addition, a vast landscape belt has been established around the center for enabled living, and a variety of local ornamental flowers and trees are regularly planted, the landscape changing with the seasons.

The landscape belt connects the commercial pedestrian street from east to west, which offers greater convenience in daily life. The independent living section and medical care section form a semi enclosed space, facing the center for enabled living and the natural garden which, layer by layer, form an optimal and wide-ranging landscape feature.

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