Ilan and Asaf Ramon International Airport

Amir Mann, Moshe Zur, Ami Shinar, Orna Zur Architects


The Ilan and Asaf Ramon International Airport, servicing the Red Sea resort city of Eilat and the surrounding region, is Israel’s first "Greenfield”, built from scratch without existing infrastructures in the midst of the Desert. The Airport features a 45,000 sqm Passenger Terminal Building, a 3,600 m. long Runway and Taxiway, alongside 40 Aprons, allowing for domestic and international traffic. The two Support Structures to the north and south of the Terminal measure a combined 36,210 sqm with a 45 m. high Air Control Tower. A futuristic desert mirage - We developed a unique and minimal design language influenced by the futuristic world of aviation and its seemingly timeless natural desert surrounding. The decision of the IAA to appoint us, the architects, as design managers responsible for budget, program and planning schedule, allowed us to implement the design across the entire airport - from the various buildings to each individual check-in counter, unifying the airport under one unique holistic design, while maintaining the existing natural surrounding. The Terminal Building is a self-shading volume, shaped by the movements of incoming and outgoing traffic, similar to the desert boulder shaped by the forces of nature. It’s exterior cladding is continuous, from wall to roof, creating a unified whole, which is cut into by glass facades allowing for entrances and landscaped courtyards. These divide the building into airside and landside, departures and arrivals, all encased under one singular and continuous wooden cladded interior space.

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