Hunter's Point South Waterfront Park



An international model of urban ecology and a laboratory for innovative sustainable thinking, Hunter’s Point South Waterfront Park is an 11-acre public destination that initiated one of New York’s most ambitious, complex developments in decades, which also includes 5000 units of affordable housing, two schools, and an expanded ferry stop. Surrounded by water on three sides, the design incorporates numerous green initiatives, transforming an underutilized site characterized by long-term disinvestment into a new urban ecological paradigm. The site is both waterfront and city, gateway and sanctuary, blank slate, and pentimento. Two hundred years ago, the area was a series of wetlands. The site’s more recent industrial identity reflects its strategic proximity to waterfront and rail exchange—all signs of its ecologically rich history were eliminated after decades of industrialization and subsequent abandonment. Today, the park design leverages its layered histories and spectacular views to establish a resilient, multi-layered recreational and cultural destination. Sited adjacent to a new school, public library, and an emerging residential development of 5,000 permanently affordable units, the park serves a rapidly-growing community as both a cultural destination and a protective force during times of flooding and extreme weather events.

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