Howard Smith Wharves

Howard Smith Wharves, Woods Bagot

Howard Smith Wharves Nominees – Client Urbis – Urban Designers, Landscape Architect, Heritage Consultant WT Partnership - Quantity Surveyor Robert Bird Group - Structural and Civil Engineers EMF Griffiths – Services Engineers Food Service Design Australia (FSDA) - Kitchen Consultant TTM - Traffic Engineering WBM BMT - Flood Study Consultant McKenzie Group - Building Certifier and Access Consultant Hutchinson Builders - Contractor

Howard Smith Wharves is a world class lifestyle and event destination built out of the fabric of Brisbane’s history. Once completely inaccessible, this prime riverfront location has been transformed into a place where locals and visitors enjoy sprawling open space, entertainment, and hospitality venues set against a dramatic cliff face backdrop with postcard city and river views.

The project provided a unique opportunity to further the local council’s ‘River City’ agenda and return a key section of the river’s edge to the people of Brisbane. The development includes 2.7 hectares of public open space with parklands, paths, wharves and access to the river’s edge.

Woods Bagot was the concept architect for the redevelopment and the project architect for the refurbished heritage sheds, new exhibition building and lifts. The heritage buildings have been repurposed as dining, micro-brewery, and event spaces. The new buildings occupy less that 10 percent of the site and are designed to complement the existing structures.

The adoption of a rustic palette in colour, texture and material, unifies the overall composition and harmoniously binds old with new. The transformation of the wharves has re-engaged the community with the river by delivering riverfront public open space linked by new lifts and stairs providing access from the cliffs above. Over 1.6 million people have visited the precinct since its opening in late 2018, with an average of 21,000 people per week. The people of Brisbane have embraced Howard Smith Wharves which has become a much-loved destination for residents and visitors.