House SV

House SV, Jofre Roca arquitectes

Jofre Roca (Lead Architect), Laura Molina (Architect), Jordi Gendrau (Structural Engineer), Estudi Cuberta (Surveyor), Adrià Goula Sardà (Photographer)

A contemporary house is projected, in the middle of the city; it has the privileges of the countryside. For its construction, traditional techniques we used, such as tile roofing, the use of stone, manual bricks, solid wood beams, among others. Likewise, energetic passive solutions were used, taking advantage of natural resources and nearby materials.

House SV is a project that shows sensitivity and respect for the place where it is located. It uses unique construction elements with special attention to detail. The architectural design allows for authentic sensory experiences. A house to live intensely, in contact with the garden and the surrounding nature with incomparable views of Barcelona.

Passive energy solutions are used.The spaces are oriented and the cantilever on the southern façade provides a shade that regulates the entry of the sun's rays in summer and allows direct thermal gain in winter. A continuous skylight on the top floor of the house supports the natural ventilation system, which is practicable and in summer uses thermal circulation. Also, it allows natural lighting throughout the entire floor. The House SV project is unique. All the elements have been designed with the utmost attention to detail at all scales.

From the construction system to the furniture. Each part of the project has been considered to establish order and coherence in the whole. Also, taking into account the needs of the owners. The bricks handmade in a local factory were produced by master craftsmen and designed by Jofre Roca arquitectes.