Hoppet – Preschool and innovation project for fossil-free building

LINK arkitektur for Lokalförvaltningen City of Gothenburg, Derome


The preschool Hoppet is part of an exciting building and innovation project initiated by the City of Gothenburg. Climate impact has been key throughout the design process, from the choice of materials, to the design of the building and its location on site. As a result, current calculations show a reduced climate impact of almost 70 percent for the constructive building elements, compared to a newly built and comparable preschool in Gothenburg. The building has a steel cassette foundation with foam glass insulation (consisting of 60-70 percent recycled glass) and solid wood has been selected for almost all building components.

Walls, ceilings and joists consist of cross-laminated wood, the facades are built with untreated wood, the floor is planned in cork, and most of the interiors are covered with structural wood or plywood. The interior is planned in a circular manner and a large part of the furniture will be reused from the city's existing stock. The preschool playground and yard also plans to reuse materials, e.g. concrete slabs and ground tile, gutters, fences, play equipment and outdoor furniture.

Hoppet is characterized by several building elements with different displacements in a game of form and relief. The windows are framed and create seating which is meant to tie the indoor and outdoor environment together. The building's protruding wooden profiles gives further depth and a soft impression through the shadows that arise.

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