Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Hong Kong Port Passenger Clearance Building

Aedas and Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners (Joint Venture Designer)


The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Hong Kong Port Passenger Clearance Building (PCB) houses the customs and immigration facilities for travellers leaving and entering Hong Kong by the bridge. 
 It is built on a new 150-hectare artificial island reclaimed from the open waters, and serves as a gateway for all those passing through it, providing Hong Kong with a new ‘front door’ celebrating travel and surrounded by water with views to a natural skyline of evergreen mountains and hills. 
 The PCB is constantly filled with movements – people arriving and leaving by buses, cars and taxis, and travellers waiting to get immigration clearance. The simple, clear circulation through the facility and the undulating flow of surrounding waters is reinforced by the waveform roof, enhancing legibility and providing intuitive wayfinding. Movement through the building is punctuated with four double height voids over reflecting pools which allow natural daylight to penetrate all levels of the building and ensure there is a visual connection between Departures on the first floor and Arrivals on the ground floor. These voids and water pools further reinforce the clarity of wayfinding. 
 The elegant modular roof form ideally lends itself to offsite pre-fabrication and has enabled an efficient construction process achieving a very high level of quality. Building sections were pre-fabricated in the factory, transported by ship to the reclaimed island and railed into position. 
 The spirit and mood of the building is gentle, flowing and sophisticated to reflect the city.

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