Health center under gunren Boqi

Health center under gunren Boqi, BAZUO Architecture Studio

The project is located in Baga town, Pollan county, Ngari prefecture, Tibet autonomous region, and aims to provide basic medical services to 2,000 permanent residents and tourists. The medical services include outpatient, treatment and 20 beds in hospital, medical gas, sewage treatment station and other ancillary facilities.
Floor area: 4000 square meters
Plot ratio: 0.51 Total occupation: 2079.0

The ramp
Because of the lack of electricity, the ramp was used to solve the problem of actual demand in a low-tech way, and this feature became a prominent feature of the whole project, as well as meeting various spiritual needs towards Kailash.

Supporting facilities:
Supporting the special sewage treatment station for the project; Special facilities for oxygen supply; Heating for the first time in the region; Provide accommodation for medical staff. Landscape design: Without using too much modern landscape, the central courtyard applies pebbles which can be seen everywhere to complete the central landscape without any pay. This project adopts the combination of traditional technology and modern technology Sunshine hall: The use of energy-saving glass makes the hall more comfortable than traditional solariums.

Wall heat storage:
It combined traditional method with modern heat preservation measures. Therefore, the dark stone wall can store heat from the sunlight in the day, and in return the stone wall can release heat at night, which can keep the heat for more than three hours. Ramps: They can ensure the realization of various medical behaviors without consuming energy since electricity is not guaranteed.