Healing Pavilion

Ball-Nogues Studio


'Healing Pavilion' demonstrates a new way to design and fabricate with steel. By interrogating CNC tube bending technology and using it as the springboard for developing a structural typology called the "Caged Shell," the project yields aesthetic effects and spatial qualities through decorative structural patterning, moire and shadows. 

While it was an ambitious technical and artistic endeavor, the designers never lost sight of the greater goal of making a space at a hospital, removed from the stresses and stigmas associated with sickness. A space for sharing a moment with a loved one or simply sitting in contemplation, 'Healing Pavilion' combines rigorous and innovative fabrication and structural techniques with an inherent sensitivity to client needs and to the physical and emotional contexts. 

Commissioned by Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, the Pavilion is made from 2793 linear feet of 2-inch diameter mild steel tube that was precisely bent with the CNC system. Each of the 352 tubes is unique and together form a structural shell that has no hierarchy in a traditional sense. The project forms a key element in a larger garden renovation of the complex's plaza level, executed by AHBE Landscape Architects. It responds to circulation paths, water features and vegetation while the intricate patterns formed by the tubes and the shadows cast on the ground are momentarily transport the visitor's mind away from illness.

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