Harvard MA - Energy Plus House

Jenson/DeLeeuw NZE House


Completed in 2018, the house is carefully sited on a gentle rural landscape. The home’s siting optimizes generating energy from the sun, while providing framed views of the site’s scenic qualities. Clean Energy Generation The house’s energy network generates 21,000 KW / Hr. annually using 56 LG photovoltaic solar panels. Excess energy is stored in two 16kWh batteries made by Sonnen GMBH. The battery system stores surplus energy generated during the day for use in the evenings. Additional surplus energy is stored to power the resident’s Chevrolet Bolt electric car vehicle. Heating and cooling is provided by a ducted mini-split system. The house is largely independent of the Grid. Passive Design Strategies: The south-facing wall’s expansive windows flood the interiors with natural light and wintertime heat. Deep roof overhangs prevent overheating in the summertime. Open-floor plans and high ceilings enable natural ventilation. In winter, triple-glazed windows, 30 cm thick insulated walls, and low-infiltration detailing optimizes heat retention. A wood pellet stove provides supplemental heating only for (sub minus 20 degree C) days. The house thus has a certified HERS rating of –21. The Internal Rate of Return (IRR) for the renewable energy and battery system is in excess of 10% over a 12 year period. Energy-Plus Prototype This house demonstrates that we can create homes in the US that generate enough energy to power a house and an electric vehicle, while addressing the problem of energy intermittency.

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