Hanna boutique Hotel

Persian Garden Studio


Tehran’s only symmetrical street was created in 1930 in downtown neighborhood. Three residential structures sit on either sides of Lolagar Alley, each a mirror of an identical one across the alley. Over the past 40-years, the buildings on the east side of the alley were gradually abandoned. Persian Garden Studio joined the recent trend of restoring abandoned buildings in downtown Tehran, and rehabilitated one of the buildings, returning it to the city once again. The building’s function was changed to a hotel, and with the addition of public spaces such as an outdoor concert hall, cafe, restaurant, gallery and multipurpose areas, the building was revived with a variety of mixed uses. After repairing and reinforcing the original building’s structure, new volumes were added, allowing a connection between the original structure and adjacent spaces. New structural reinforcement elements such as continuous concrete slabs, shear walls, and metal structures were left exposed alongside original loadbearing walls, brick foundations, and barrel-vault ceilings. Two additional multipurpose spaces were added to the building, accommodating its main functions and providing it with the flexibility to adapt to other uses. The juxtaposition of varied yet related functions, as well as new and old architectural layers, has turned Hanna Boutique Hotel into a lively structure in the heart of Tehran and with the help of new layers and varied functions that make it suitable for today’s complex needs and cultures.

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