Hadohilljo Townhouse

Hadohilljo Townhouse, UNITEDLAB Associates

This village is composed of a community center, 48 single residences, parks, and amenities. The main corridor connects the individual homes. Four unit types will be orchestrated according to its distance from the sea. Visual connections to the sea and to the landscape enhance the sense of place. Landscaping is vital for mediating climatic variances, ensuring visual and acoustical privacy, and defining space. By layering and sequencing zones, pocket parks connect shared units, and the main corridor connects the individual homes.

Echoing the overall site plan, the parks are not individually defined. Rather, the parks are connected organically and thoughtfully define the voids between the units of collective housing, wherein residents can contemplate privately or commune with nature. The idea of clustering simply shaped individual homes into a village, based on Korean Minimalism. The minimal architectural design, the concise partitioning of space and honest materials form a series of humble and simple residences.

The houses have weight due to their lack of artifice. The windows, as seen from outside, lighten this sense of weight of their basic houselike form and maximize the transparent surfaces which can provide a link between the interior of the house and the exterior environment.

PROJECT SIZE: Lot Area: 3.658 Acre, Building Area: 46113 sf.
PROGRAM: Townhouse, Social Sustainability, Farm Land Zoning, Community Development, Livability, Affordability, Placemaking, and Social Responsibility. SITE: 2969 + 2969-1, Hado-ri, Gujwa-eup, Jeju, S-Korea

Name of Client / Developer: Daeae Development 600-16, Gyesang Bldg. 6F. Sinsadong, Gangnamgu, Seoul, 06025, S-Korea
Contractor Firm: S5 Construction, Ltd. Address: 71-81 Olympic-ro, Kangdong-gu Seoul, S-Korea