Guardian Art Center

Guardian Art Center, Taikang Healthcare Investment Holdings

Guardian Art Center, regarded as the first auction corporation headquarter in the world, was uniquely made to order for China Guardian Auctions. Guardian expected that the new headquarter shall become a unique “Beijing building”, and indicate local culture for both Beijing and the building itself. Guardian Art Center has paralleled the sense of modernity and convention.

Embellished by traditional Chinese rockery, the center’s contour profile was shaped like local quadrangle dwellings in order to reflect its characteristics of “Beijing Style”, which was in harmony with ambient old “hutong” road and ancient local residences. However, a series of modern elements such as the suspended crystal “central ring” was introduced, which gave the project’s top structure a hollow rectangular outlook, in order to highlight Beijing’s booming as a new metropolis. For indicating Beijing’s cultural richness, introduction of abstract smooth curve contour really softened the heaviness sense of this project, which showed the “harmony” character of Chinese ideology.

Additionally, introduction of natural lighting embellished the interior central court, and delivered the reflection of modern city’s complexity and diversity. Brick-formed walls, supporting the center’s top structure, reflected history of ambient Beijing dwellings, and inherited culture of this imperial city.

Near the Forbidden City, Guardian Art Center avoided flashy architectural design, while its modest temperament seemed to be harmony with surrounding environment. This project shall be an artistic work for introducing abstract multilevel historical elements, and make it memorable as a "Beijing Mark".

CLIENT TEAM:Shang Shirui,Tang Bin,Guo Yi,Li Yiyan, Sun Shuang,Sun Yongbiao ,Gao Xuehui,Yue Lijie,Zhong Xiaohui,Guan Hui ,QiaoWenxuan,Sun Jiansheng. DESIGN TEAM DESIGN ARCHITECT:Buro Ole Scheeren PRINCIPAL / DESIGN:Ole Scheeren PARTNERS:Eric Chang, Dan Cheong ASSOCIATE IN CHARGE:Virginia Chiappa Nuñez DESIGN TEAM: Marcel Holmberg, Sun Ke, Emily Liang, Cecilia Lei, Yingda Liu, Anna Pierotello, Nina Sattler, Olaf Turck, Lin Wang; with: Benjamin Ahrens, Mark Biemans, Kim Bjarke, Catarina Canas, Alicia Casals, Michael Cavander, Jeffrey Cheng, Patrick Conway, Dyno Du, Nicolaz Frez, Brian Fung, Daniel Hawkins, Xinran Ji, Philipp Kramer, Emeline Laurencon, Yuyang Lin, Mavis Liu, Wymen Lo, Max Ma, Rafael Merino, John Murphey, Marcin Olszowski, Kevin Ou, Kevin Park, Yanyadech Phornphong, Aaron Powers, Klementina Savickaite, Jim Shi ,Chiara Storino, Joseph Tang, Yang Tao, Elena Yang, Quentin Yiu, Francis Young, Lei Yu, Danny Zhang, Bruno Zhao, Weiwei Zhang, Yi Zhu CONCEPT TEAM: Catarina Canas, Brian Fung, Paloma Hernaiz, Marcel Holmberg, Tait Kaplan, Jaime Oliver, Joseph Tang CONSULTANTS: Local Design Institute: Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (BIAD), Beijing Structural Engineer: Thornton Tomasetti, New York; Arup, Beijing (Concept) Building Services Engineer: WSP, Hong Kong/Shanghai Façade Consultants: Front Inc., New York/Hong Kong; PFT Construction Consulting, Shanghai Interior Design: Buro Ole Scheeren, MQ-Studio, Shanghai (Hotel) Lighting Consultant: ZDP, Beijing