Guangzhou Shipyard Master Plan

Guangzhou Shipyard Master Plan, SPARK Architects for Guangzhou Guangchuan Shipbuildings Co.,Ltd.

SPARK has completed the master planning of Guangzhou Shipyard, a waterfront urban regeneration of the historic Guangzhou International Shipyard. The master plan has a total construction area of 1.2 million square metres including residential, culture, offices, retail, recreation, education and healthcare facilities.

The shipyard played a key role in Guangzhou’s industrial history and is primed to perform a new role in the Chinese Government’s framework for Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area with the ambition to create a people-friendly world-class waterfront by 2030. We aim to create an attractive and resilient environment that draws on the special history of the shipyard.

The master plan is based on developing good quality public space and pedestrian networks through “ONE CENTRE, ONE RING, THREE ZONES”, an urban structure aimed at bonding buildings with public space via pedestrian networks along the 2-kilometre site. ONE CENTRE refers to the “Future Valley”, sitting at the heart of the development and connecting metro access with the development’s multi-level pedestrian network. ONE RING, the Guangchuan Ring, draws visitors from the city centre to the Riverfront Heritage Park.

It is the primary pedestrian network. ONE CENTRE and ONE RING connect the THREE ZONES: Commercial Zone, Living Zone and Riverfront Heritage Zone. The benefit of this integrated mixed-use development extends far beyond aesthetics. It is founded on the pragmatic principles of good connectivity, density and quality public space supported by a rich palette of activities. These will ensure the reimagined Guangzhou shipyard becomes a destination for commerce, entertainment and contemporary living.

Client: Guangzhou Guangchuan Shipbuildings Co., Ltd