Gouda Cheese Warehouse

Mei architects and planners


Gouda Cheese Warehouse - Loft apartments in a national monument

The Cheese Warehouse in Gouda, Dutch Cheese Capital, experienced a spectacular transformation to residential lofts. In the heart of the building a spacious atrium is created, enclosed by 52 apartments. Because of the innovative reuse of elements from the old warehouse, like the original cheese boards, you can still experience the 100-year-old history of making cheese.

Gouda Cheese Warehouse is a national monument. The main changes of the transformation only become visible once you enter the building via the original ventilation alley between the two warehouses. A spacious atrium is created by removing pieces of floors and facades on both sides of the alley. Parts of the original facades have been remained as hoistway. Residents reach their apartment by elevators going up along the historical facades, while experiencing the building to the fullest. 

Mei saved as much elements as possible from the former warehouse and gave them a second life. The original cheese boards are reused as cladding in the atrium. 

To carry the weight of a million kilos of cheese, the warehouse had two construction systems: for the building and for the cheese. Both construction systems are reused and maintained unfinished visible in the apartments; steel columns, wooden ceilings and attic beams.

Due to the strategic placement of loggias in the facade a diverse range of floorplans was possible. All residents are happy with their unique and tailor-made apartments and the city of Gouda is very proud that the warehouse has been remained by adapting it to new use.

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