Gongshu Intelligence Valley's Eye

Gongshu Intelligence Valley's Eye, E+LAB

Gongshu Intelligence Valley’s Eye is a mixed-use center in Hangzhou intelligence valley town, with function of culture display, investment attraction, office meeting, recreation, etc. The design philosophy starts with the geometric relation of ‘round sky and square earth’. The squareness, steadily gathering the boundary elements of the place, is the base of the earth; while the roundness stands for an abstract high-altitude vision. The triangular cone, located in the center, gradually rises from the flat square and flows into a ramp, motivating the weightlessness of roundness, lifting up the suspension of roundness, and conveying a poetic and geometric experience beyond space and time. 
The entrance on the ground floor is a large-sized empty floor. Restricted by structural height, silver ripple-finished stainless steels are paved full on the top. The metal reflects the surrounding scenery and displays a natural trance to the main entrance space. The first floor is mainly used as the central exhibition hall and company exhibition hall, featuring cyber-space, using 360°screen, holographic projection and digital sand table, highlighting an intrusive experience formed by digital technology and modern society.
The overall of the building is wrapped up in white high-intensity composite aluminum plates, without redundant ornament. Its futuristic and international form, like a natural simple sculpture, creates a giant sci-fi landscape coming from the universe in the modern city.

Credited: Architects Team: Hu Yijia, Zhou Yuechen, Chen Yining, Ye Tong, Lu Xianhui, Xie Jie