Glasshouse at Goonoo Goonoo Station

Goonoo Goonoo, Australia / Tanner Kibble Denton Architects


Glasshouse at Goonoo Goonoo Station emerged from the anticipated adaptive re-use of the property’s historic buildings, est. 1841, for boutique accommodation and multiple function spaces. It has provided an opportunity to re-open the site to the community and welcome a fine-dining clientele to the property. 

The design is strikingly modern and, as a reminder of its valuable historical context, the contemporary and recycled materials are kept elemental, evoking the raw materiality and tones of its surrounds. Sited between the brick Woolstore, c1870 and rusting steel Shearing Shed, c1950, the tall, glazed volume of the dining room connects with both the immediate and distant surroundings, creating strong visual connections to the historic buildings, as well as expansive views of the picturesque countryside. The recycled, spotted gum, battened acoustic ceiling purposefully cuts diagonally across the restaurant, leading the eye and cleverly dictating views. A low roof links the restaurant to the Woolstore, while the western ‘sleeper’ entry wall connects all three structures as approached from the main driveway. 

The Glasshouse achieves dual functionality as an events venue (Woolstore) and restaurant (Glasshouse), both serviced by one commercial kitchen and amenities facilities. An open wood-burning fireplace, constructed of local stone and steel, grounds the building and aligns with the central axis of the Woolstore. The bar, kitchen, scullery and amenities are conceived as low boxes inserted within the larger volume, concealing services. 

The Glasshouse establishes a long-term future for the property, offering a fine-dining experience respective of the broader Tamworth region’s tourism industry.

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