GAME Streetmekka Viborg

EFFEKT Architects


Streetmekka is a renovation project that transformed an abandoned windmill factory into a vibrant hub for street sports and street culture, offering various facilities for self-organized sports and social spaces for the local youth of Viborg, Denmark. Situated in the outskirt, the old industrial building was vacant and abandoned. Instead of demolishing, the focus was on how to take this introverted typology and give it a new life with a very limited budget? Despite the generic appearance, these typologies often contain an impressive interior space and the idea was to expose it. By removing the walls at both ends of the building and placing all the office and workshop spaces on one side and the skating on the other, the interiors are kept as free as possible. The existing concrete facade is wrapped in a new translucent polycarbonate skin that gives the appearance of a light and welcoming building, dynamically changing from day to night. Last, the building is filled with functions aimed to meet the increasing demand for self-organized alternatives to the established sports and cultural activities, supporting the client mission to attract local youth and create lasting social change through sports and culture, enabling integration and empowerment. The program includes facilities for parkour, skate, bouldering, basketball, trial as well as a series of workshop areas for music production, DJ’ing, an animation studio, fab lab, various artist studios and wood and metal workshops. Social spaces are distributed throughout the building and strategically interwoven in-between primary functions to foster participation.

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