Fuzhou Strait Culture and Art Centre

Fuzhou Strait Culture and Art Centre, PES-Architects

Located in Mawei New Town, facing the Minjiang River, the Strait Culture and Arts Centre is about connections. It connects cities and communities along and over the Taiwan Strait. It connects the Fuzhou Mawei New City Development and its waterways to the Minjiang River and the natural environment. And, finally, it connects people to culture. 
 The building shapes remind of ships in a harbor, referring to the ancient maritime silk-road history of Fuzhou. 
 The property is split in two parts by the LiangCuo flood river, and the building isforming a “public bridge” over the dividing element. “Riverside Petal”decks, including a cafe and an amphitheater, close to the water, provide possibilities for performances or group activities. 
 Looking closer, the design is inspiration from the petals of a jasmine blossom, the city flower of Fuzhou. The flower is manifested in the formal language and color of the architecture. The five jasmine petal venues are A the Multifunctional Theatre, B the Opera Hall, C the Concert Hall, D the Art Exhibition Hall, and E the Cinema Centre.
 The central connecting “Concourse Lobby” is open all day. This concept was supposed to provide for a flexible usability of the public spaces, to create a vessel for a playful connection of the arts to the people. A public rooftop terrace on top of the Concourse Lobby provides for a 180 degrees view over the Minjiang River, creating a cultural meeting place for the Fuzhou community, and strong link between the city and the Waterfront.