Future Street

Place Design Group


Place Design Group were engaged by the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) to design the ‘Future Street’ as part of the AILA International Conference in October 2017. Future Street comprised of five (5) sections, four (4) physical sections – Street of Today, Green Street, Complete Street and Smart Street – and one (1) virtual reality (VR) experience, the Street of the Future. This VR technology allowed users the opportunity to experience the Street of the Future in 2037 via virtual reality. The concept was to time travel to the Alfred Street of the future and see where technology, transport and buildings in Sydney of the Future might take us. 

Place Design Group’s 3D Visualisation Artist worked up the VR version of Alfred Street to work in Samsung VR technology. This creative design morphed Alfred Street as it is known today into a futuristic city with hover cars, drones, stacked share bike racks, floating hologram advertising among other things. To experience a version of this, see this 360 YouTube video: 

To encourage engagement, signage was displayed as part of the Future Street to encourage users of the technology. Once one person was engaged, it didn’t take long for there to be small line-ups forming to experience the street of the future.

The concept was well received, with AILA and Place Design Group approached by interested parties for collaboration opportunities on other Future Street iterations. While the Future Street project overall received nationwide media coverage across print and television, large organisations such as ABC TV News, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Daily Telegraph specifically focused their coverage of the event on the use of VR technology and it’s popularity amongst festival attendees.


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