Future Schools of Kuwait

Future Schools of Kuwait, Pace

The PAHW in Kuwait has embarked on a program to radically redesign schools within the country to offer more student-centred, technological and experiential forms of learning. The vision for this project was to design a school for Generation Alpha - those that will live through the next 50 years – whilst transitioning Kuwait’s outdated schooling model into the future of education. Generation Alpha is born entirely within the 21st century and has experienced a borderless world full of constant new experiences.

Pace designed a prototype model to be replicated for schools across the country to address this new way of learning. The design challenge was also to ensure that the prototype could be adapted to different sites of varying shapes and dimensions, and that can also be expanded upon according to programme. The designs are established to ensure that they are highly functional as well as adaptable, sustainable and inclusive of future change. The designs achieve this by building the flexibility to modify spaces to suit different needs and house multiple activities.

The designs ‘break’ down the boundaries of conventional learning by extending the functionality of the building to spaces such as corridors, staircases or outdoor areas. These spaces are then modified to accommodate the additional activities that are to be housed. Spaces such as cafeterias and libraries can also take on multiple purposes, becoming presentation spaces or theatres.