Forma ITAIM tower

b720 Fermín Vázquez Architects


The apartments tower is located in Itaim Bibi in São Paulo, a neighbourhood in a deep transformation, which is moving from the traditional fabric of horizontal single-family homes to a skyline of buildings in height, mainly homes that meet a growing residential demand for a prosperous upper middle class in the economic capital of the country. The tower, highly conditioned by the volumetric limitations imposed by the regulations and the strict requirements of functional optimization, hosts small houses with large individual terraces. The project seeks to maximize the slenderness of the volume and highlight, without stridency, in the monotonous sea of undifferentiated skyscrapers of São Paulo as a “singularity of good manners”. The floors are articulated in two parallel bays and a central communications core that includes two batteries of panoramic elevators. The main openings of the houses are oriented to north and south, with deep balconies to mitigate the intense Brazilian solar radiation, while the east and west facades, the most exposed in the climate of São Paulo, are solved with a predominance of opaque protected surface by a ventilated façade of large-format glazed ceramic pieces. On the balconies sides, the ceramic coating becomes lattices which preserves the houses privacy and frame the views from the inside. The combination of colours of the covering pieces seeks the chromatic individualization of each level, as well as the research of singularity that provides the differential qualitative value sought out by the client, who specifically wanted a colourful tower.

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