Fogo Island Shed

Saunders Architecture for Fogo Island Inn & Shorefast Foundation


The new Fogo Island Shed combines contemporary forms with traditional techniques, evoking a strong sense of place through the simplicity and porosity of its interior and exterior volumes. Essentially a simple timber shed, the structure uses the studio’s trademark tilted and twisted geometry to create visual drama, as part of the wild Fogo landscape and from within the building itself. Designed around the notion of ‘slow eating’, the space is intended to foster a social approach to dining, with a long table set alongside an open plan kitchen. Guests and chefs are in the same space, creating an intimate dining space that brings the ingredients, techniques, smells, and flavours to life. Like all Saunders Architecture’s projects on Fogo Island, from the Inn to the artist’s studios, the Fogo Island Shed takes a local archetype—the traditional pitched roof house—and then pares back the form, using a combination of old and new materials and construction techniques to achieve a balanced, geometric simplicity.

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