Everbright Life Center



A secluded world of beauty and serenity, Everbright Life Center is a lifestyle health and wellness destination providing highly-personalized, comprehensive services for prevention, treatment and management of the mind, body and spirit. It’s located in the seaside village of Hainan Island, which lies off the southern coast of the Chinese mainland. Known for its silky sand, palm-fringed beaches and year-round tropical climate, Hainan is referred to as “China’s Hawaii,” and has emerged as one of Asia’s most popular getaways.
The Everbright Life Center expands upon the “getaway” concept to create a new futuristic model that promotes medical and wellness tourism in harmony with nature. Here, a holistic health journey blends Eastern and Western medicine to define a new path toward total wellness.
Water, a source of vitality and serenity, informs an organic design vernacular that celebrates openness and an abundance of light. The buildings themselves suggest a spa-like resort experience, in contrast to a more traditional healthcare construct. The welcome center, for example, features a gently undulating, veil-like façade visible from afar, creating a graceful, luminous, and welcoming image. The veil-like smart enclosure that allows most of the sun's light in, while blocking near-infrared radiation, would cut energy costs and reduce carbon emissions in this tropical setting, where air conditioning is the largest component of a building's energy requirements.
A guest’s journey through the Everbright community is tailored to his or her personalized needs, each met through the unique offerings available throughout the development’s diverse living and rejuvenation facilities.



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