Energy Tower

Gerber Architekten GmbH


The Energy Tower transfers the traditional techniques of natural ventilation as used in the historic wind towers of the Middle East into cutting-edge building technology. The building is highly energy efficient and 100% energy self-sufficient. It produces itself 100% of its own energy demand through renewable resources (wind, sun, earth / sea). Being operated with zero energy and emitting zero CO2, the Energy Tower actively contributes to stop the global climate change. The highly innovative building concept is based on the analysis of the so-called wind towers as part of the traditional Arabian architecture. The Tower transfers these principles into the modern structure by using the energy of wind for the ventilation of the entire building. The entire ventilation of the building is wind driven. A double-layered façade envelops the entire tower. It serves to evacuate the exhaust air of the building. Using the pressure differences that occur permanently through wind and thermal uplift it is powered entirely by natural forces. Instead of using energy-intensive concepts of cooling, the supply air for the entire building is naturally pre-cooled through air channels buried in the ground or in the sea. Solar cooling continues to cool the supply air further down to 18°C. Solar cooling uses the energy of water heated up by the sun. A newly developed sun protection device - the Solar Shield - rotates around the building while tracking the sun. It prevents the interior of the building from being heated up by the sun. Semi-transparent photovoltaics mounted to the Solar Shield produce solar power. Five perimeter atria 'Hanging Gardens' and one central atrium - all going up the entire height of the building - serve to transport chilled fresh air vertically and horizontally in the building. The top of the building is crowned by a wind turbine generating ecological wind power.

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