Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary

NBBJ in collaboration with Ryder Architecture


Referred to as the ‘Garden Hospital’ for its pastoral setting and 17 courtyards and gardens, the new district general hospital in Dumfries, provides an uplifting, therapeutic and person-centred environment for patients, staff and visitors.

This project has provided a world class 65,000 sqm replacement hospital for NHS Dumfries and Galloway on a greenfield site and includes 344 single en-suite patient bedrooms, day case and inpatient surgical suites, an emergency care centre, ambulatory care centre, and specialist oncology, maternity and paediatric facilities. 

The new hospital stands in an elevated position within a rural landscape and the facade design is contemporary, with references to the landscape characteristics of rural stone buildings and patterns derived from the surrounding forest.

Light courts throughout the inpatient pavilions allow clear views across wards for both patients and staff, opening up interiors and filling spaces with daylight. Emphasis on outdoor spaces is based on scientific research showing a connection between natural elements and positive health outcomes, including lower stress levels, reduced blood pressure, the need for patients to take less medication and even faster healing times.

We have created a healthcare campus that reflects the high quality of care delivered within the hospital. With the themes of comfort and wellbeing foremost in the client and design team’s minds, the team has designed a therapeutic and inspirational new hospital serving as a pioneering prototype for other healthcare developments in the future. 


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