Development of Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

AE7 for Dubai Muncipality


The Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary (RAWS) is located at the end of the Upper Dubai Creek, it is home to approximately 270 species of fauna and 47 species of flora. RAWS is identified as a globally important Bird Area by Birdlife International and is a unique wetland within the UAE, having been declared as the UAE’s first RAMSAR Site in 2007.

Dubai Municipality is looking at opportunities for habitat restoration and enhancement, and for enriching the visitor experiences with the goal to transforming Ras al Khor into a main destination for Eco-Tourism. In addition to the current mangrove and wetland areas the master plan proposes to introduce new reed bed areas as well as encouraging growth of new mangroves and mud plains. The master plan identifies the opportunity to show case this natural asset to the millions of visitors that fly into Dubai every year.

It instantly provides the tourist and the resident a unique perspective of the city that is usually seen through the lens of glamour, luxury retail, hotel & entertainment offers. The master plan provides engaging activities for all ages, this may be in the form of observing the feathered visitors from the hidden confines of a carefully crafted hide or indeed walking through the many trails through the newly developed perimeter visitor zone. A children’s eco village is crafted in to the master plan to cater to family visitors whilst the many lookout towers give the visitor a panoramic view of this wonderful sanctuary

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