The new Day Care Center for People with Alzheimer’s Disease in Benavente (Spain), arises from the aging of the region's population. When designed, there was no proven scheme for this typology.

Therefore, the first task was to understand the logic of this typology and crystallize it into an architectural scheme. Another important starting point was the location of the Center within a double boundary situation (territorial and urban). This situation emphasizes again the conjunction of landscapes in the building. All of these ideas motivated the positioning of the building in the upper part of the plot, in order to facilitate a stratum of it to rotate and tear the slope to create a new plain area.

Then, in a second movement, part of that stratum rises another level vertically to protect the building on its urban front. Thus, a new line of the horizon is created, a main subject of the building, which not only symbolizes the synergy of the community in the face of this disease, but also dialogues with the landscape.

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