Danny Forster & Architecture

At Danny Forster & Architecture, we are determined to express the compelling narrative at the heart of each project and equipped with every possible tool to do so. Architectural design, interior design, branding, writing, urban planning, and film production--our suite of services helps us tell the coherent stories of works on every scale. Our projects include an award-winning design for a Museum of Ethnography in Budapest, master planning work for nine city blocks in Charlotte, a redesign for the entire Aloft Hotel chain, a visitor’s center in the Seychelles, a Hudson Yards hotel, a co-living space in Beijing, and a 30-story tower once called a “standout amid the starchitecture” at the World Trade Center campus.

Although we insist on the integrity of each project’s narrative, we also look beyond each project to our larger purpose in moving our profession forward. Recently we have developed an expertise in modular construction: we’ve broken ground on a Manhattan hotel that will be the tallest modular hotel in the world, for instance, and we are designing the first modular five-star resort on the island of Nevis. But we aren’t just using modular construction, we are improving it, by investing in research and technology that will lead to advancements in modular building for the industry as a whole. 
 Connecting all our work is the belief that each project should transcend its program. That’s what elevates a building to a work of architecture and that’s how architecture contributes to the life of its city.

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