Dangrove is a purpose built ‘state of the art’ storage facility which houses a private collection of contemporary Chinese art. The brief required art storage to be integrated with curatorial requirements, informal exhibition, performance spaces, research facilities, workshops and other related functions. The architecture is dominated by the use of in-situ and pre-cast concrete elements for the external fabric, internal walls, floors, structure and including special columns and skylight forms. The concrete has varied and coordinated finishes to enhance colour, texture and legibility of the elements and their design role in the architecture. Concrete defines the spatial and material experience by providing a ‘base’ to the soaring, light filled, main curatorial and performance space. Scalloped concrete forms and shaped columns create skylights at the thresholds of the main spaces. A large ‘scoop’ gutter on the roof collects water moving at up to 8 metres/second in extreme weather to establish the flow pathways to the onsite water storage, filtering and recycling plant. Concrete perimeter walls are heavily insulated to achieve thermal mass characteristics to minimise the energy required for internal climate stability at museum standards, being 22 degrees centigrade and 50% humidity 24/7 throughout the year. Concrete was crucial to achieve 4-hour fire rated compartments for storage. Concrete was also designed to a minimum 100-year life ensuring concrete cover and the mix was at the highest standard. DANGROVE aims to set a new benchmark for art storage and curation reflecting the vision of the client, an important collector, philanthropist and artist.

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