Culture Matters- Vanke Big Family housing Community Center

Lacime Architects


Context and location
The project is located in Suzhou, a paradise city with deep historical and cultural foundation. The city of Suzhou was built more than 2,500 years ago, the Pingjiang map was painted in the Southern Song Dynasty as the earliest discovered city planning map. The integration and interaction of "architecture, people, and water" was fully considered and responded. 

Culture Matters
The Chinese ancients city was arranged as "nine li squares, three doors in each city wall(four walls for the city), nine avenues from north to south, nine avenues from west to east, each avenue can accommodate nine carriages in parallel." as the ideal benchmark. This is a rational expression of the traditional order. It is possible to use contemporary construction methods to reconstruct a Chinese cultural space with collective identity? How the architecture achieve cultural identity and attribute positioning in the city? And how to realize the reshaping of the traditional order? These're the focus of the designer's consideration.

Dialogue to the location
Vanke Big Family Project Community Center uses a symmetrical and square axis layout with multiple courtyards on the axis, translating initial stage, inheritance, transformation, and integration the diverse spatial sequences of Chinese traditional gardens into it. 
The design innovates a poetic contemporary oriental life in the space, and encourages the dialogue between man and architecture and the surrounding nature, which is the interpretation of the in-site nature of architecture and a response to the localization of architecture.

Materials choice
Modern construction materials such as ultra-white glass, aluminum plate and white linen stone are used to decorate modern space. Concise and clean architecture body, anti-arc roofing, facade effect of combination of virtual and reality, modern craft practices, try to create a facade effect that is light, ritualistic, full of modernity, yet without losing the traditional charm.

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