Community Center of Sandu Poetic Residence of Vanke

QIYUE Architects


Developer/Owner: Vanke

The project is situated in the core area of Fangdingyi Cultural Tourism Zone, Zhengzhou city in central China. beside the lake and hillside, the site also neighbors the famous historical spot called Fangding Ancient Village which dates back to 600 years ago. As the cultural context and consciousness continue to date in the village, the overall design of this project focuses mainly on the preservation and continuity of its long-lasting traditional heritage and architectural language.

The master planning follows the original undulating terrain of the mountainous landscape by applying the appropriate layout, repairing the area, part of which was developed before, and making sure it organically coexists with the surrounding natural landscape. The concept of the general planning is to restore the traditional Chinese ideal of poetic life in seclusion, by following the principle of "Rehabilitation, Respect and Coexistence".

The project is set on the slope near the remains of the artificial flood-way, It serves as the starting point for awakening the site’s potential. At the same time, inheriting the gradual changing of the landscape, gazing mountainous, kissing waters, submerging through the boundary, design adapts itself to the utmost extent to preserve and coexist with the original hillside and trees, gaining open views of the lakeside.

Built along the original loess wall, the building is featured with a moderate combination of artificial landscape and the original terrain, creating a new image at the entrance of the community--like a lighthouse that awaits and guides people back to their home.

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