Communities in Landscape - Mahindra World City Jaipur

Communities in Landscape - Mahindra World City Jaipur, Arup

Mahindra World City Jaipur (MWCJ), is Asia’s first and the world’s largest project to receive C40 Climate Positive Development Stage 2 Certification. Located in a hot and semi-arid climate, the development lies 15km south-west of Jaipur’s Centre, India. MWCJ is currently dominated by employment zones and has a limited amount of local facilities and housing.

Arup was commissioned to develop a masterplan for the 180ha residential and mixed-use district within MWCJ. The client’s core objective for this new district was to create a vibrant and sustainable place for people to live locally and to reduce the need to travel to Jaipur for shopping, personal business, leisure and education. Delivering 2,500 new homes, our proposal forms ten distinct, yet interlinked, mixed-use communities surrounded by green corridors and open spaces.

Each resident or visitor will be less than 5 minutes’ walking distance from a high-quality open space with useable and functional programming. In addition, each community will have a hub with a plaza surrounded by local retail and amenities. It’s a place to meet and relax, providing the infrastructure needed to support active community life and wellbeing. These plazas are connected to a network of education, civic and retail facilities to create a vibrant place at the service of the community. Designated routes will promote walkability and cycling among the communities to ensure that although they have distinct personalities, they are a coherent whole. To achieve thermal comfort within these routes, we applied solar assessment technologies to efficiently determine their optimal orientation.

Client: Mahindra Lifespace Retail Consultant: Leonard Design Architects