City Crown——The Dragon Lake Public Art Center

City Crown——The Dragon Lake Public Art Center, Studio A+ for Zheng Zhou City Planning Bureau

PartnerThe Architecture Design and Research Institute of HIT China Academy of Building Research
Participant:Min Wang, Mei Ding, Hui Li, Yuliang Wang, Chongshuo Wang, Kefeng Liu, Ge Zhang, Wuting Li, Wuting Li, etc.
Photographer: Su Chen

Dragon Lake plays an important role in the planning of the Zheng Zhou East new district, the master piece by Japanese architect KISHO KUROKAWA. The Art Center is located in the waterfront public park along the Lake shore. With no big buildings around, the Center must minimize its impact on waterfront surroundings. Two major art exhibition spaces are required.

One is for multimedia display; another with the possibility of sight-seeing. The former is positioned on the ground floor and buried into a green mound. The latter is defined as a circular form, a ring, since there are landmarks around the site in all directions. Inside the‘ring’, people gain 360-degree bird-eye-view out to the lake region. The‘ring’, hovering above the land, is the major volume visible from the city. The ‘ring’ expresses its trusswork as a crown, celebrating the city’s achievement. It becomes a waterfront symbol in the city’s nightscape. Its lighting system can connect the region’s big data and output dynamically in artistic forms.

In this way, the ‘ring’ becomes an indicator, closely relates to the region’s social life. It can also become a media art platform for artists expressing ideas freely. The lighting reinforces the publicity and sociality of the Art Center. By burying and lifting the major volumes and creating multiple platforms for public activities, we give the outdoor space back to the city. The building is an open architecture where people can wander about. The journey through the site becomes a continuation of the waterfront promenade.