Citizens Bank Corporate Campus

Citizens Bank Corporate Campus, Elkus Manfredi Architects

Citizens Bank needed more than a place to unite colleagues from disparate offices under one roof. They needed a complex that would deliver a superlative experience to those employees, one that fosters colleagues’ interactions within a balance of collaborative and quiet work spaces, supports healthy lifestyles, and provides access to a rejuvenating natural environment—all program elements key to Citizens’ employee wellness focus. The design of the 129,540 square-meter complex nestles into the 123-acre site’s topography in Johnston, Rhode Island, with strong building geometry and placemaking saw-tooth roof lines. The heart of the campus comprises a five-building complex made up of a contact center, two four-story office building wings, and an amenities building with a 700-seat cafeteria, fitness facility, and wellness clinic. The fifth building serves as the complex’s main entrance and connector, hosting a bank branch, learning center, art gallery, coffee shop, and gathering spaces. Each building is tailored to the needs of its specific workforce with spaces for quiet work, collaboration, and rejuvenation, complementing each other and the landscape. Rhode Island’s historic barn vernacular is reflected in the buildings’ design, with cementitious siding that gives a weathered wood appearance. The saw-tooth roof lines with vertical rooftop windows bring daylight deep into work areas, reflecting the design’s dedication to colleague wellness and engagement. The buildings’ massing and placement makes the complex feel grounded, connecting 3,000 of Citizens’ Rhode Island-based staff with nature while recreational amenities engage colleagues and the local community alike.