Christian Doppler Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Hospital Salzburg

Christian Doppler Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Hospital Salzburg, Kleboth und Dollnig ZT Gmbh in cooperation with Kaufmann + Partner ZT Gmbh

Architects: Gerhard Dollnig, Andreas Kleboth, Mathias Haas, Andreas Justl, Christian Schnaitl, Etemad Moghaddam, Andreas Kastenhuber, Walter Barth, Landscape: Land in Sicht, Photos: Michael Heinrich

Client: Gemeinnützige Salzburger Landeskliniken Betriebsgesellschaft mbH

Healing Building
An independent village served as the inspiration for the new building of the child and youth psychiatric clinic. A house that functions like a small campus, consisting of a variety of green courtyards, gardens and pavilions. The 3-storey head building serves as a gate between the inside and outside world. This is where the reception is located and where the therapy and staff rooms are concentrated.

The residential groups are located on one level as a 'deep plan'. Along the central access axis the living groups and individually designed play and sleeping courtyards are grouped alternately. A 'village square' forms the spatial and functional centre. Four to six children or adolescents live together in a living group, consisting of a common area with kitchen, bathrooms and sleeping rooms. The living and dining areas have an infrared tiled stove and open up to the playgrounds through high windows. Via "golden" gates the courtyards can be opened to the green space according to need and therapeutic necessity. The natural materials such as larch wood and loam rendering and the finely coordinated colours in combination with the individually designed furniture give the children and young people a feeling of "home".

The green roofscape of variously structured high points is framed by a surrounding wall. With its small-scale construction and loving details, the intensive contact to the outside and the sheltered housing groups, the house serves one purpose above all: to make the children healthy again as quickly as possible. Healing Building.