Cheng Dong

Cheng Dong, SanGu Design for Management Committee of Qujiang, Xi'an

Cheng Dong public toilet renovation project is located in the ancient capitals of Xi’an. It borders a CBD and a pedestrian street square to the east, the residential community to the north and is next to Tang City Wall Relic.

The original design of the toilet was to reflect the elements of ancient Chinese architecture and to achieve harmony with its surroundings. The physical structure of the antique building part of the toilet was initially removed so that its basic functional prototypes could be restored.

Using the exterior space on one side of the original building for extension and divide the whole building into three parts, namely the public restroom, a reading room and a coffee room, and these three parts are connected by an open corridor. The spatial overlay is set to the lowest level in order to reduce the discordant and abrupt impression of the building under the Wall Relic. Due to the original highest point rapidly descending to the lowest point, a visual illusion helps weaken the height feature.

When public toilets meet coffee shops, this kind of strange combination is actually integrated rigid demand into a waiting space, so a single and monotonous functional space can be transformed into a space for urban communication. Pedestrians can have a rest here and nearby residents can come here to have chat, care pets. This place gives an opportunity for people gathering and people in this magnetic field can exchange with each other and their relationships can become closer.