Charterhouse Science and Mathematics Centre

Design Engine Architects


Design Engine originally won the commission to design new state-of-the-art science and mathematics facilities after an invited competition in 2009. The School’s aim was to revolutionise the way these subjects are taught at Charterhouse by fostering inter- and intra-departmental collaboration, providing a world-class learning environment for current and future generations of pupils. The new Science and Mathematics Centre provides: •50% more space overall, comprising 7 new chemistry laboratories, 5 teaching rooms, 2 preparation rooms and a project research room •A flexible and modern environment of the highest quality •More scope to innovate in the development of new teaching methods, ensuring Charterhouse continues to lead the way academically •The co-location of Science and Mathematics for the first time, fostering greater collaboration •Additional space for practical work and the potential to introduce longer-running experiments which will no longer need to be dismantled at the end of each class The site lies towards the North Eastern edge of the campus. Characterised by the historic architecture and setting, the buildings here are predominately Gothic Revival / Neo-Gothic in nature, dating back to the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. Our scheme, featuring three steeply pitched roofs, representing the 6 Chemistry Labs below, creates a subtle but important architectural link with the original campus, largely designed by the Architect Philip Charles Hardwick. Robust, high-quality materials along with thoughtful design have been used throughout to create a distinctive building which has been designed to last through the 21st and well into the 22nd Century.

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